Fine Homebuilding Magazine

The following articles were written by Gary Striegler and published in Fine Homebuilding Magazine:

July 2000 A Simple Approach to Frame-and Panel Trim

March 2002 A Different Approach to Frame-and-Panel Doors

Nov. 2003 (Cover) Enhance a Room with a Window Seat

Jan. 2004 (Cover) The Trick to Hanging French Doors

Master Carpenter: Laminating curved stain-grade casing

March 2004 3 Fireplace Mantels

Sept. 2004 (Cover) A Simple Approach to Raised-Panel Wainscot

Master Carpenter: Handsome Transoms

Nov. 2004 Trouble-free Pocket Doors

March 2005 Home Elevators

May 2005 Master Carpenter: Beaded Cabinet Openings

Nov. 2005 Master Carpenter: A Fancy First Step without the Fuss

Jan. 2006 (Cover) A No-Fuss Newel Post

Jan 2007 Straight-Ahead Corner Hutch

July 2006 Wainscot for a Window

May 2007 23-ga. Pin Nailers Change Everything

July 2007 A Simple Approach to a Paneled Passageway

March 2008 Setting Up an Efficient Job-Site Shop

May 2008 Block Planes for Builders

Nov. 2008 Router Tricks for Trim

May 2009 (Cover) Plumb Perfect Prehung Doors

July 2010 Built-ins, Anywhere

Nov. 2010 4 Quick Cabinet Upgrades

Jan. 2011 (Cover) Build a Fold-down Bed and Get Two Rooms From One

Jan. 2012 (Cover) Taking Wainscot Up Stairs

July 2014 (Cover) Crown Moldings for Kitchen Cabinets

The Best of Fine Homebuilding: Great Kitchens- Souped-up Stock Cabinets

Fine Homebuilding Kitchen and Baths Annual Issue-Souped-up Stock Cabinets

The Best of Fine Homebuilding Projects around the House Spring 2005- Enhance Any Room with a Window Seat

The Best of Fine Homebuilding Projects around the House Fall 2008- (Cover)

-Add Elegance with Raised-Panel Wainscot

-Connect Rooms with New French Doors

-Maximize Space with a Corner Hutch